Download PDF Templates

If you are setting up your own file for printing, these templates will help guide placement of your margin, safe area, and bleed area of your printing file.


Business Card 3.5" x 2" with bleed

PDF iconbctemplateprintology.pdf


Bookmark 2" x 7" with bleed

PDF icon2x7bookmark.pdf


Brochure 11" x 17" folded to 8.5" x 11" with bleed

PDF iconbrochure11x17wbleed.pdf


Flyer 8.5" x 11" with bleed

PDF iconflyer_templateprintology.pdf


General Bleed Information - Applies to many different products

PDF icongeneralbleedtemplate.pdf


Invitation or Post Card 5" x 7" with bleed

PDF icon5x7-inviteorpostcard.pdf


Post Card 8" x 6.5" with bleed (Least expensive EDDM size)

PDF icon8x6.5-templateprintology.pdf


Rack Card 4" x 9" with bleed

PDF iconrack-4x9templateprintology.pdf